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Author List: F

Faiz-ullah-bhai, Sheikh; F.E. Johnson: The Hanged Poems [1917]
Famin, Stanislas Marie César: The Royal Museum at Naples [1871]
Farnese, A.; Franchezzo: A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands [1896]
Faulding, Gertrude M.: Fairies [1913]
Fausböll, V.; Max Müller: The Dhammapada and The Sutta Nipâta (SBE10), [1881]
Ferdowsi; Helen Zimmern: The Shah Namah [1883]
Fergusson, Erna: Dancing Gods [1931]
Field, Claud; Al-Ghazzali: The Alchemy of Happiness [1909]
Figgis, John Neville: The Political Aspects of S. Augustine's 'City of God' [1921]
First, King James the: Dæmonology [1597]
Firth, Florence M.; Pythagoras: The Golden Verses of Pythagoras [1902]
Fishler, Stanley A.; Frank Goldtooth: In the Beginning: A Navaho Creation Myth [1953]
Fitzgerald, Edward; Farid ud-Din Attar: Bird Parliament [1889]
Fitzgerald, Edward; Omar Khayyam: The Rubayyat of Omar Khayyam [1859]
Flesche, Francis La: Death and Funeral Customs among the Omahas [1889]
Flitch, J. E. Crawford; Angelus Silesius: Selections from The Cherubinic Wanderer [1932]
Foli, P.R.S.: Fortune-Telling by Cards [1915]
Ford, H. J.; Andrew Lang; Andrew Lang: The Arabian Nights' Entertainments [1898]
Ford, H.J.; Andrew Lang: King Arthur: Tales of the Round Table [1902]
Forke, Anton: Yang Chu's Garden of Pleasure [1912]
Fort, Charles: Book of the Damned [1919]
Fort, Charles: New Lands [1923]
Fowler, F. G.; H. W. Fowler; Lucian of Samosata: The Works of Lucian [1905]
Fowler, H. W.; F. G. Fowler; Lucian of Samosata: The Works of Lucian [1905]
Foxe, John: Foxe's Book of Martyrs [1560]
Frachtenberg, Leo: Coos Texts [1913]
Franchezzo; A. Farnese: A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands [1896]
Franck, Adolphe: The Kabbalah, or the Religious Philosophy of the Hebrews [1926]
Francklin, Thomas; Sophocles: Philoctetes [1759]
Fraser, John: The Samoan Story of Creation [1891]
Frazer, Sir James: The Golden Bough [1922]
Freidländer, M.; Moses Maimonides: The Guide for the Perplexed [1904]
Frere, Mary: Old Deccan Days [1868]
Froude, James Anthony: Bunyan [1901]

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