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Mabie, Hamilton W.; George Wharton Edwards: A Book of Old English Ballads [1896]
Macaulay, G. C.; Herodotus: The History of Herodotus [1890]
MacAuliffe, Max Arthur: The Sikh Religion, Volume 1 [1909]
MacCulloch, J. A.: The Religion of the Ancient Celts [1911]
MacDonald, Duncan B.: Development of Muslim Theology, Jurisprudence and Constitutional Theory [1903]
Macdonell, A.A.: A Vedic Reader for Students [1917]
MacKail, J.W.; Virgil: The Eclogues [1934]
MacKail, J.W.; Virgil: The Georgics [1934]
MacKenna, Stephen; B. S. Page; Plotinus: The Enneads of Plotinus [1917-1930]
Mackenzie, Alexander; Andrew Lang: The Prophecies of the Brahan Seer [1899]
Mackenzie, Donald: Teutonic Myth and Legend [1912]
Mackenzie, Donald A.: Myths and Legends of Babylonia and Assyria [1915]
Mackenzie, Donald A.: Myths of Crete and Pre-Hellenic Europe [1917]
Mackenzie, Donald A.: Egyptian Myth and Legend [1907]
Mackenzie, Donald A.: Indian Myth and Legend [1913]
Mackenzie, Donald A.: Stories of Russian Folk-Life [1916]
Mackenzie, Donald Alexander: Wonder Tales from Scottish Myth and Legend [1917]
Mackey, Albert G.: The Symbolism of Freemasonry [1882]
Macleod, Mary: Stories from the Faerie Queene [1916]
Macpherson, James: The Poems of Ossian [1773]
Magnus, Leonard A.: The Tale of the Armament of Igor [1915]
Magnusson, Eirikr; William Morris: The Story of Grettir the Strong [1869]
Magnusson, Eirikr; William Morris: The Story of the Volsungs [1888]
Maimonides, Moses; M. Freidländer: The Guide for the Perplexed [1904]
Maitland, Edward; Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus; Anna Kingsford: The Virgin of the World [1885]
Malinowski, Bronislaw: Baloma; the Spirits of the Dead in the Trobriand Islands [1916]
Malory, Sir Thomas: Le Morte d'Arthur [1847-50]
Manhar, Nurho de: The Zohar: Bereshith to Lekh Lekha [1900-14]
Markham, Clements: Apu Ollantay [1910]
Markham, Clements R.: Narratives of the Rites and Laws of the Yncas [1873]
Martyr, Justin; Irenaeaus: Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol I [1847-50]
Masson, Elsie: Folk Tales of Brittany
Mathers, Edward Powys; Bilhana: Black Marigolds [1919]
Mathers, S. Liddell MacGregor: The Key of Solomon The King [1888]
Mathers, S.L. MacGregor: The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage [1900]
Mathers, S.L. MacGregor; Aleister Crowley: The Lesser Key of Solomon [1904]
Mathers, S.L. MacGregor: The Kabbalah Unveiled [1912]
Mathers, S.L. MacGregor: The Tarot [1888]
Matthews, W.H.: Mazes and Labyrinths [1922]
Matthews, Washington: Noqoìlpi, the Gambler: A Navajo Myth [1889]
Matthews, Washington: Navaho Myths, Prayers, and Songs [1906]
Matthews, Washington: The Mountain Chant, A Navajo Ceremony [1887]
Mawr, E.B.: Roumanian Fairy Tales and Legends [1881]
May, J. Lewis; Ovid; Publius Ovidius Naso: The Love Books of Ovid [1930]
McCann, Lee: Nostradamus: The Man Who Saw Through Time [1941]
McClintock, Walter: The Old North Trail [1910]
McCrindle, J. W.; Cosmas Indiopleustes: Christian Topography [1897]
McDevitte, W.A.; Julius Caesar; W.S. Bohn: Works of Julius Caesar [1869]
McGroarty, John Steven; Frederick V. Carpenter: Mission Memories [1929]
Mead, G.R.S.: Gnostic John the Baptizer [1924]
Mead, G.R.S.: The Hymn of Jesus, Echoes from the Gnosis [1907]
Mead, G.R.S.: Corpus Hermeticum
Mead, G.R.S.: Pistis Sophia [1921]
Mead, G.R.S.: Fragments of a Faith Forgotten [1900]
Mencius; James Legge: Mencius [1895]
Menzies, Louisa: Lives of the Greek Heroines [1880]
Mercer, Samuel A. B.: The Pyramid Texts [1952]
Merchant, Ella; Alice Ilgenfritz Jones: Unveiling a Parallel [1893]
Merriam, C. Hart: The Dawn of the World [1910]
Mertz, Henriette: Pale Ink [1953]
Methodius; Gregory Thaumaturgus; Dionysius the Great; Julius Africanus; Anatolius; Arnobius: Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol. VI [1847-50]
Mickle, William Julius; Luis de Camoens: The Lusiad [1776]
Miles, Clement A.: Christmas in Ritual and Tradition [1912]
Mill, John Stuart: On Liberty [1859]
Mill, John Stuart: Representative Government [1861]
Mill, John Stuart: Utilitarianism [1863]
Mill, John Stuart: The Subjection of Women [1869]
Miller, John Maurice: Philippine Folklore Stories [1904]
Miller, William: Evidence from Scripture and History of the Second Coming of Christ [1842]
Mills, L.H.: The Zend Avesta, Part III: (SBE 31) The Yasna, Visparad, Âfrînagân, Gâhs and Miscellaneous Fragments [1887]
Milton, John: Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained [1667]
Mitchell, Betty; Helen Mitchell: We Met the Space People [1959]
Mitchell, Helen; Betty Mitchell: We Met the Space People [1959]
Miura, Kiyoko: Yukara, epos of the Ainus [1847-50]
Moncrief, Charles Scott: The Song of Roland [1919]
Monmouth, Geoffrey of; John Jay Parry: The Vita Merlini [1925]
Monteiro, Mariana: Legends and Popular Tales of the Basque People [1887]
Mooney, James: The Cherokee Ball Play [1890]
Mooney, James: Myths of the Cherokee [1900]
Mooney, James: Sacred Formulas of the Cherokee [1891]
Moore, A.W.: The Folk-Lore of the Isle of Man [1891]
More, Thomas: Utopia [1516]
Morgan, Evan S.: Tao, The Great Luminant [1933]
Morganweg, Iolo; J. Williams Ab Ithel: The Barddas, Vol. I [1862]
Morganweg, Iolo: The Barddas, Vol. II [1874]
Morley, Sylvanus Griswold; Delia Goetz; Adrián Recino: The Book of the People: Popol Vuh [1954]
Morris, William; Eirikr Magnusson: The Story of Grettir the Strong [1869]
Morris, William: The Earthly Paradise, (March-August) [1868]
Morris, William: The Earthly Paradise, (September-November) [1870]
Morris, William: The Earthly Paradise, (December-February) [1870]
Morris, William; Eirikr Magnusson: The Story of the Volsungs [1888]
Morris, William: The Wood Beyond the World [1895]
Morris, William: News from Nowhere [1891]
Morten, Honnor; Israel Gollancz: The Love Letters of Abelard and Heloise [1901]
Morton, A. P; Papus: The Tarot of the Bohemians [1896]
Mu-mon; Ekai; Huikai; Nyogen Senzaki; Paul Reps: The Gateless Gate [1934]
Müller, F. Max; E.B. Cowell; J. Kakakusu: Buddhist Mahâyâna Texts (SBE 49) [1894]
Müller, F. Max: Râmakrishna, His Life and Sayings [1898]
Müller, Max; V. Fausböll: The Dhammapada and The Sutta Nipâta (SBE10), [1881]
Müller, Max: The Upanishads, Part I (SBE 1) [1879]
Müller, Max: The Upanishads, Part II (SBE 15) [1884]
Mumford, Lewis: The Story of Utopias [1922]
Murray, Gilbert; Euripides: The Trojan Women [1847-50]
Murray, Margaret: The Witch-Cult in Western Europe [1921]

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